Be a Resident. Not a Tenant.

Join a neighborhood

At Neighborhood Properties, all of our rental properties are in quiet, peaceful, neighborhoods. Whether you are single, married or have a family, we have a property to make you feel right at home.

All of Our Properties are Unique

Enjoy valuable features for a pleasurable experience

Our focus is providing quality living, where our residents can be comfortable, along with enjoying nice features/amenities that feel as if they were in their own private home vs apartment style living.

Some of Our Available Features

*Not all properties have all features listed

Quiet Neighborhoods

Outdoor Living


Washer and Dryer

Convenient Locations

24/7 Service/Maintenance

No smoking

No pets

Family-owned and operated

We are a family run business that specialize in providing comfortable, quiet and well-maintained living that our residents can call home. Two brothers, Colby and Jeff have owned and managed their own properties since 1986. We provide personal attention and detail to our properties and residents.